Loss of Freedom during the Corona Pandemic

By Nathan Perez

It has become evidently clear and eerie that George Orwell’s dystopia has not only been false but is somehow approaching us faster and faster. During the times of this pandemic, America has suffered tremendously and will continue to do so. With the shutdown of the economy and vagueness of statistics regarding the Coronavirus death toll, politicians are now restricting the freedom of the citizens of America. The sheer irony that is occurring in present times as the country that stands for freedom is now slowly resembling the Soviet Union. 

Yet the coronavirus did not act as the maker of all problems; it only served as the catalyst for everything to manifest itself. The idea of quarantine is, in some aspects, a reasonable effort to resist the spread of the virus, yet the fashion in which it is done is not only inefficient but ethically wrong. Somehow, we have been told that spending time on the beach, soaking Vitamin D, is more harmful than being locked in a house for months as we beg the government to help us pay our bills. Yet on live television William N Bryan, the Senior Official of the White House for Science and Technology stated on Fox News, “The virus dies the quickest in the presence of direct sunlight.” As he also explains in his briefing, he states, “The virus in drops of the saliva survives in indoors and dry conditions.” He continues saying,  â€œA lot of testing that is being done, number one with the COVID -19 virus and number two in saliva or respiratory fluids”. Somehow our common sense and critical thinking skills went down the drain when we heard about the big bad virus and how we should shelter in with our strawman houses. The regime of germ theories and the widespread adoption of fallacious views have hit the highest peak in recent times.

Now, beyond our inability to use common sense due to the fear-mongering and lies spread on this issue, we have lost freedom. The land of the free has had the freedom stripped off of it and thousands if not millions are standing by and watching us become a state of socialism. To all the postmodernism and Neo Marxists who wanted a radical leftist shift and for those who did not experience Stalin but somehow wish to experience it, this is your sample of anything other than capitalistic society. Our private owners are not allowed to have any economic income. Much like children who misbehave, big government spanked them and took away their right to pursue economic freedom. The government told the local shop owners they are not allowed to survive. Re-read that again and understand that we are in a state of authoritarianism. And even those who are able to have their business partially open and are forced to work through delivery services and so on are still suffering greatly. Besides Father Government taking our right to pursue capital away, let us not forget the mandatory laws passed by Andrew Cuomo. The governor of New York passed a law on April 15. He stated, “everyone in the state to wear a mask or a mouth/nose covering in public when not social distancing.” Now, many agree with the idea of wearing a piece of cotton that has been soaked in several chemicals and not only absorbs your germs but restricts airflow is a good idea. Many still believe that this prevents them from getting the virus. Before stating why, in fact, this is very Stalin-like, we should clarify that this mask does not prevent you from getting the virus; it is intended for carriers not to spread the virus. That being said this is a preventative measure that ideally, we could hope this was passed with good intentions, yet this now enables authoritarianism

Cuomo has now put his foot in the door of a very dangerous state of life. If we are now forced to wear a mask when we must contain social distancing, would it be too skeptical to believe that it is now possible to restrict speech via laws? Would it be so irrational and “right-winged” to believe that this can escalate itself into a more Orwellian society? Lastly, how can we forget California, the dream state for Marxist. Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti has enforced snitching. Yes, the playground rules have now been reversed. On the Tuesday briefing on March 31, Garcetti stated, “You know the old expression about snitches, well, in this case, snitches get rewards,” Garcetti said. “We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe.” Yes, and while you’re at it, why don’t you permanently silence or “enforce” those who are breaking the rules. Every tattletale call to the department of Los Angeles should get rewarded money so the people can get some income.

There has been the argument that our safety is far more important than human rights. Our security is more essential than the presuppositions that this country is based on. While this virus is indeed a menacing one that deserves caution, we need to stay calm and rational during these times of hysteria. The constant brainwashing news and fearmongering behind these times not only increase the fear in citizens but create a narrative. The main argument would be caution due to the rapid spread. That is true. This virus indeed is much like wildfire, but a mandated quarantine where we receive much less Vitamin D and with the increase of cortisol not only weakens us but is irrational. This quarantine has affected more industries than we imagined and is now crippling much of America’s future. And before one were to say America won’t have a future if we’re open, maybe they should view how Sweden has handled this situation. 

These times have proven to be confusing and distressing, to ourselves and America as a whole. In times like these, we must recall what our nation is based on. No matter the circumstance or the smoke and mirrors that surround our country, we cannot lose our freedom. Benjamin Franklin once stated, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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