Queensborough Students Have Hard Time Finishing Classes Online

By Manoli Figetakis

COVID-19 continues to be an on growing crisis, one that feels it will never end. This pandemic has been going on over two months so far. The total count of COVID-19 cases in the zip code of Bayside, Queens are 11360, 11361, 11364. According to the New York City Department COVID-19 Data website states that the amount of cases was 23- 478 as of May 12, 2020. According to New York City Department COVID-19 Data website, [states]the amounts of case for Queens that were tested positive so far as of May 12, 2020 were 56,899 (31%).  According to New York City Department COVID-19 Data Website, [states]The amount of hospital cases for Queens that was ever hospitalized cases 13,435 (27%) 49,559 and the total amount of cases were 56,899. CUNY students began isolation Thursday, March 12, 2020, allowing the professors to prepare the rest of the course and brought forth distance-learning online till the end of the spring semester. 

“Please know that this decision is guided by a commitment to the health and safety of the university community. These are challenging times. We are grateful for your flexibility and resiliency and are here to support you through this process,” the statement read. 

Students were emailed from CUNY schools that they will have an instructional recess from March 12-18. There would be no physical classes on campus. During this instructional recess, faculty and staff prepared for classes to be delivered via distance-learning. CUNY’s 25 campuses, libraries, research facilities, administrative offices, and essential on-campus services remained open. Starting March 19, classes resumed via distance-learning for the remainder of the Spring semester stated from Timothy G. Lynch, Ph.D., CUNY Interim President. 

Students are now starting to lose sleep each night from their classes on top of this crisis. Students are having a hard time adjusting to their schedules for their online classes and losing track.

“Since the start of the coronavirus, my concentration has been declining significantly. My daily routine including my sleep schedule had been disrupted, confusing my mind and body. I find myself having to stare at a computer screen almost all day and all night due to the fact that all classes have been moved online, part of class of 2021 at Queensborough Community college Avassa Arjune said. “This has been detrimental to my sleeping schedules because I find myself working online working until 4:00 am when I have to be up at 10 a.m for my other classes. It has been hard considering the fact that we are intended to stay inside most of the time.”

The challenging part of adjusting to a virtual classroom that the students have to make sure they are keeping up with their homework, assignments, test and quizzes.

“My sleeping schedule has been changed drastically due to COVID-19 because morning and afternoon classes mix with homework, has made it harder to control the amount of sleeping time per day,” part of class of 2021 Inty Siche said.

Although, some students are having a hard time getting access to technology or can’t afford to get technology. CUNY started in March when CUNY announced a plan to pause for a Recalibration Period for Educational Equity this started on Friday, March 27th, through Wednesday, April 1. Distance learning will be resumed on Thursday, April 2. 

“Though I recognize that it may be disruptive to our instructional momentum, it is essential to make sure thousands of our students don’t feel left out of their education,” Chancellor Matos Rodríguez of CUNY said. â€œThis, to me, is not a small consideration but pivotal to our commitment to equity, and to our mission of supporting all our students and making sure that we continue being an engine of upward mobility, even during these most trying of times for everyone.”

Although some students might not have laptops still, they can still they can still borough one from the Queensborough Community College. To loan one from the university email helpdesk@qcc.edu. Queensborough Community College is one of the many universities that are on the list. The list is LaGuardia Community College, Queensborough Community College, Queens College, York College and lastly, CUNY School of Law.

“CUNY continues to respond to the coronavirus by implementing measures to help our students navigate these extraordinary circumstances. If the students still don’t have laptopswith the support of Governor Cuomo, we have purchased 30,000 new laptops and tablets for students who need one to fully participate in distance learning. If you are a student in need of a device, please request one through your Queensborough Community College,” stated from cuny.edu/cuny-continuity.

In addition, needs to support the students, Queensborough Community College offers from The Center for Tutoring and Academic Support has transitioned to fully online as well, and tutors are now available by appointment! The Center for Tutoring for the writing center has called students to let them know that they are still open. The Food Pantry is open but you must make an appointment for pick up. The Academic Computing Center is offering online virtual technical support for students, faculty and staff. The Library is offering 24/7 chat reference, remote ID activation and online library instruction. (Note: All other College services such as Counseling, the Bursar Office and Financial Aid are providing service online only.)

“Too much is happening at once. For me to focus on my classes while worrying about my health and the people around me is incredibly stressful. I actually lost track of my classes and assignments,” said by Class of 2019 Indira Cruz.

For the Spring 2020 semester, Queensborough Community College shifted all instruction to online platforms. The English department is offering for students to succeed.

 â€œIf anyone of you needs tech support, the English Department tech support staff is offering their services. I am not sure when in the morning they start, but they are available until 9 pm, and can be accessed via Bb Connect or via phone.”

Web Link

Phone Number:

+1-571-392-7650 PIN: 750 273 7884

The Mathematics Learning Center has transitioned to provide online tutoring through Instagram Live or Blackboard Collaborate.

“If you seek a  math tutoring appointment through a distance tutoring session, please reply back with your choice day and time and the you are available to gamarasuriya@qcc.cuny.edu or  Kpierre@qcc.cuny.edu .”

Additional information about mental health and why it’s important for students to get sleep during COVID-19 and school.

“Sleep is a critical biological process, and the truth is that it’s always important. When confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, though, sleep becomes even more essential because of its wide-ranging benefits for physical and mental health,” said by sleepfoundation.org/sleep-guidelines-covid-19-isolation.

Students are stressing in trying to finish their classes or gave up because of the distraction of COVID-19. The CUNY grading policy is very fair for all student’s what decision they would like to make and get the grade they deserve and get the credit, or you don’t, and you don’t get the credit.  

“As part of The City University of New York’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all students shall have the option to convert any or all of the (A-F) letter grades they earn in their classes, during the spring 2020, to Credit/No Credit grading,” stated from cuny.edu.

Students are opening up their thoughts about how the professors of the different classes aren’t giving proper services to the students before COVID-19.

“I believe that most professors are aware of the hardships students are facing and are being very respectful and diligent; however, some professors are disregarding students’ needs and proceeding as though classes were still in school, and there wasn’t a virus. I had the corona virus and was battling with a temperature while also having to write papers and take exams and my grades were negatively impacted which caused me a great deal of stress and led to a lack of sleep because of an increase in stress, and anxiety,” stated by Benjamin Menchell, second semester of Queensborough Community College.

Remote learning is not equivalent to practical in-person classes and students believe being held up in a room all day is not an ideal learning environment.  

“I am left to feel mentally and emotionally exhausted at the end of the day, my eyes begin to hurt from staring at my computer screen all-day which sends me tossing and turning when I actually try to sleep,” said by class of 2021, Avassa Arjune.

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