The Reasons to Learn Coding

By Jihwan Chung on December, 3, 2020

Knowing a language is important base to understand a culture. In California, with a large Latino population, Spanish is perhaps the most learned foreign language in schools. Now, everyone in California is accustomed to have basic conversations in Spanish. The world has entered the fourth industrial era, one where coding will play the role of an essential language in the future –this because of the tech revolution that has made computers indispensable in our lives.

Coding education has become essential and basic coding is required to understand computers properly.

The United States has designated a week from December 7 to 13 as “Computer Science Education Week” and it is a time to focus on coding education, which has previously been overlooked.

According to The Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD), the second largest integrated school district in the US and the largest in California, they are working to certify schools that specialize in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). So far, 31 of the 1386 affiliated schools have been accredited, and 36 schools are undergoing this process. LAUSD plans to increase the number of STEM-certified schools to 250 by next year and expand and distribute a curriculum that focuses on cutting-edge science and technology content such as coding.

Various coding education programs are also being developed throughout the United States. Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter founder Jack Doshi, are promoting coding education on a large scale. As Bill Gates has said, “A basic understanding of coding can develop critical thinking skills.”

The prejudice against coding as too difficult must be eliminated. We must also get rid of the idea of ​​learning only about computers. Tech experts emphasize that it is through coding education, students can develop better logic, thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The biggest advantage is to this type of learning is computational knowledge.

“It is coding that inputs the philosophical mindset to solve problems into a computer,” has said Dr. Seon-ho Kim, President of the Southern California Branch of the Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association, and Vice President of USC’s IMSC. “You must learn not to become a programmer, but to improve your computer-based problem solving skills.”

Dr. Kim recommended the Python program for school students entering coding. Also, after learning Python, creating a drone or robot program can multiply a young person’s interests in coding.

 â€œIt was made for beginners, and it is easy to be used widely,” said Dr. Kim. “Because many users have already made variety solutions in each field, you can create more luxurious programs using existing code or package with just a little learning.”

“Fortunately, the number of students who want to learn coding has increased a lot even for non-computer related majors,” Dr. Kim added. If you have experience in coding early, you can improve your thinking skills using computers.”

There are several types of coding languages. For beginners, Python, and for Intermediate level, Java. The language used when writing a program refers to Java, Python, etc., and in each, certain symbols and terms must be memorized in order to program the words, design and operate the programs properly.

Java is generally used for computers, smartphones, or smart TV software development. Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are also made in Java. As it is the most widely spoken language, it can be widely used by large enterprises and small business operators.

Python is the language used when the websites such as Instagram, YouTube, or Reddit, and is classified as the easiest language among the coding languages.

JavaScript is a language developed to facilitate web page exchange. More than 85% of websites use it. Without JavaScript, the web page’s animations or images are not visible, and it simplifies the page design.

-C++ is highly difficult program used in applications such as video game engines and accounting software.

As the importance of coding grows, so do the websites that teaches it. But it is hard to distinguish which website is the most efficient one. Just in time for Computer Science Education Week, the latest issue of Business Inside summarizes the eight excellent coding classes that Bill Gates introduced on his blog, Gates Notes. The contents and the programs are verified as well by Gates, who has learned coding by self-taught. Among many sites, the were Khan Academy and These sites have hundreds of videos teaching computer programs that you can browse and learn by level.

Students and all communities of this age, who have to keep pace with the era of the industrial revolution, need to learn a basic coding language and change their perception of difficulty in coding. Computer language does not value the language, gender, or environment in which the person was raised. Therefore, everyone living in an era that changes every day should accept it and develop the courage to challenge new things.

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