Chicago Med: A Medical Drama

By Shaktiria Brown

Chicago Med, a show including trauma room gore and dramatics premiered November 17, 2015. The show, currently in its seventh season, takes place at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. The show is written, executive produced, and program created by Dick Wolf, and shown on NBC, and Netflix as well. The highly skilledmedical team save lives while navigating their unique interpersonal relationships.

As someone who watches the show, there are moments that run the range of emotions from sadness and heartbreak to joy and hope. The characters and how well they play them, the romance, and authenticity of how an emergency department is from the hectic scenarios like a gunshot wound victim to the unexplainable 13-year-old with a bloodynose and stomachache.

The show does a wonderful job in showing all perspectives of the emergency department, from the characters, thepatients, and their families.

We see Maggie Lockwood, a registered nurse, who is also the charge nurse of the emergency department, found out that she has breast cancer. Maggie is a hardworking, charming, headstrong woman, when she receives the news of the diagnosis she is immediately, distraught and in denial. She refuses to let any of her coworkers and friends know except Sharon Goodwin, the director of patient services. This brought up sad and heartbreaking emotions Maggie, a dedicated charge nurse having to dial back from helping coworkers and patients, to now focusing on her well- being and recovery. When you watch the show, you see how Maggie goes through a series of emotions and upon her recovery is amazingand beautiful.

Each character shows how much they care about their patients as well as how dedicated they are to their character. Maggie, April, Ethan, Natalie, and William are just a few characters who really hone in on character development, patient to doctor/nurse relationship, the ability to assist and tend to their care, medical knowledge, and their romanticrelationships.

Before I watched this show I expected to see traumatic health experiences, but I did not expect to watch this show and want to watch more and more. Some questions I had before watching this show were, is this show better than Grey’s Anatomy? Is the acting better? Will I be able to sit through and focus on the first episode? These are just a fewthoughts, but the way I can tell if I like a show or will be able to keep watching a show is if I can stay awake during thefirst episode and if the dramatics match with my personal preference of a drama series. This show really opened my eyes to how people in the medical field daily work life and load can consist of whether they are in the emergency department or in a hospital. I have gotten my boyfriend interested and even watching the show himself and he normally is not interested in drama series. Overall, this show is worth watching and a terrific way to get insight into a medicalprofessional’s work life.

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