Farewell QCC

By Shaktiria Brown

When transferring out of Queensborough Community College (QCC), there are many questions you may have. The QCC Transfer Resource Center (TRC) has a many, if not, all the answers. How many credits do I need to have for my school? How many SUNY and CUNY schools can I apply to? What should I consider when transferring?  All your questions can be answered when you visit the Transfer Resource Center (TRC), and the website has four categories to help you in the planning process. They are scholarships, transfer, exploration, and events, along with a plethora of resources to help you on your journey.

During my inquiry to the Transfer Resource Center, Renée Rhodd, director, pointed out a few things that are important to know. Graduating from QCC can lead to an easy transition such as their dual/joint degree program. Rhodd informed me that on average about 2,064 students transfer during the school year, and about 1,500 students transfer out with their Associates Degree. 

The time period for transferring out of QCC varies on the program of study you are considering. She also told me that “some programs may only accept once per year, so students need to begin planning early.” With this information, preparedness is important and beginning the process early is essential. There are common transfer majors such as business, teacher education, nursing, criminal justice, visual arts and performing arts. Rhodd mentions that minors can be selected once you get accepted to the four-year college of choice. 

The transfer process to CUNY is simple first you must find your match, submit your application, send your documents, and lastly check your status. With the use of your Degree Works dashboard connected to your @login.cuny.edu account, you can do a “Transfer What-If” to help you determine the maximum number of credits that will transfer with your desired major. In doing this, you also can see what classes you must take to complete your degree at the school you transfer to. When you visit the transfer resource center page the transfer planning time frame section shows you by semester how and what to do in terms of planning and even after graduation. To know what and when to do things accordingly and timely, physically seeing the plan can help decrease the last-minute planning and procrastination. 

To conclude there are many resources to take advantage of when you are transferring out of QCC. The transfer resource center is just one of the many resources available to you as a student. You also have your advisor, and the staff of the TRC which includes Renée Rhodd, transfer manager Susan Madera and administrative coordinator Lenny Sanchez to assist you in the transferring process. The office provides services to students through e-mail, telephone, and zoom appointments, and in person appointments.  For more information, visit the QCC Transfer  Resource Center homepage.


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