Student Government Elections-Vote Today!

By Samantha Roberts

Students at Queensborough Community College should prepare their votes for the upcoming election.  As the candidates campaign, the polls are open from April 19 to April 26. During this time, students will have many opportunities to cast their ballots. Here are some key elements that each student should know: what is the Student Government Association, where can students meet the candidates, and how do students vote? 

The Queensborough Community College website states that the purpose of the Student Government Association is to represent the best interests of the general student body. The student body population consists of approximately 9,000 students. The Student Government budget is about $250,000. Those elected will work closely with administrators, faculty, staff, and students to create a better atmosphere for Queensborough Community College. The Student Government Association Constitutions’ mission is to stimulate student interest and support in the development, assessment, and execution of educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs and to develop communication among students, administration, and faculty to further the goals of the educational facility. 

The votes of the student body are a crucial element in this election. Voters must examine the candidates before casting their ballot. This investigation by students should be a thoughtful process because many students are running for each position. The students should vote for the individuals they think would represent their objectives. The Executive Board consists of seven Voting Members. These members are President, Executive Vice President, Administrative Vice President, Programming Vice President, Vice-President for Evening Students, Vice-President for Part-time Students, and Treasurer. The other representatives are the Student Senator at Large, Allocating Committee, Judicial Board, Student-Faculty Disciplinary Committee, and NYPIRG Board of Directors. These votes allow these officers to experience hands-on training in a Democratic Form of Government. In total, voters are responsible for choosing twelve candidates per ballot. 

The number twelve may sound like a high quantity of individuals to select. However, the ballot is easy to decipher. Each student during the election will be sent a summary of dates to their Office 365 email address. This email will include a personalized ballot link. Each day of the election, students will also be sent a reminder email. The subject to look for is “Student Government Election 2023”. The ballot link is user-friendly. Students that didn’t have time to read the candidacy list do not have to worry. The personalized ballot link will contain each personal statement. Students must remember to vote privately. The personalized ballot allows students to write in candidates and write-in candidates may only qualify if they have ten-plus votes. 

In review, the student government elections are a crucial part of the journey at Queensborough.  Each student must understand many elements of an election for it to be a success. These elements are understanding what student government is, deciding which candidates best represent them, and where they cast their ballots. The student body will have until April 26, 2023, to submit their votes. Results are to be finalized by the Student Election Review Committee. The results will be announced on April 27, 2023. 

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