Macron Raises the Retirement Age in France

By Samantha Lorison

President Emmanuel Macron of France introduced a new undesirable bill. Under Macron’s bill changes, the minimum general retirement age will increase from 62 to 64, many workers will lose privileges, and there will be an increase in the number of years of work needed to qualify for a full pension.

Some politicians from the centrist Modem party, which is allied with Macron’s

Renaissance group in parliament, said, â€œForcing the bill through was a mistake.” Erwan Balanant a French politician of the Democratic Movement (MoDem) and a Member of Parliament said he had left the parliament chamber “in a state of shock”. The remaining number of MPs said it was a waste and showed weakness.

The scheduled bill transformation has affected major strikes and protests across the country since January.President Macron, who is now in his second term, conveyed that reform is needed to keep the pension system from becoming a shortage as France’s population ages and life expectancy increase. Many people in different countries, mostly, retire in their late sixties.

Most Europeans are much older than 62 when they begin to receive state-pension payouts. For example, Britain’s pension age is 66. Meanwhile, Germany’s is 67. In France, the retirement age of 62 is lowered when compared to other European countries. According to National Public Radio “Spain’s workers already must stay on the job until at least 65 and won’t be asked to work longer.” As an alternative, their new plan will increase employeecontributions for higher-wage earners.

Increasingly, there are more older people and approximately fewer workers to fund the government pension.Marc Loriol, a sociologist, and the research director at the French National Center for Scientific Research says, “It comes alongside a worldwide trend of workers feeling unsatisfied with their labor conditions.”

Appointers, congress leaders, and lawmakers were yelling, their voices shaking with emotion as PresidentMacron made the risky move, which sparked quick motions of no confident in his government. Riot police vans sped by outside the National Assembly, with their sirens wailing. Police fired teargas and water cannon to distribute the crowd. Several protesters threw


Multitudes of people accumulated in protests at Place De La Concorde in the center of the city, as trade unions promised to intensify the strikes and street demonstrations that have taken place since January. Cyril Chabanier, speaking on behalf of the country’s eight main unions after they walked out said â€œIt’s clearly a failure when the primeminister won’t even allow a way into that discussion.”

The people of France took a stand and made their voices clear. The French are protectors and will continue toprotect their universal health care. It was a choice the people made. To work harder, and pay high taxes, apart from retiring at a youthful age from a company with a high standard of living.


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