Ukraine and Russia’s Current and Future Consequences

By Axcel Macero

Ukraine has been struggling since February 24, 2022, when they were attacked and invaded by Russia, which has caused a large number of casualties, and financial damage. Most of the attacks have been occurring in the eastern part of Ukraine. Recently and Specifically around the city of Bakhmut, “If Russia can take Bakhmut now, Putin can argue to the Russian people, to his allies in China, and Iran and to western supporters of Ukraine that Russia is making gains and has momentum” stated German Lopez from The New York Times. This factor has been playing a massive role in the war, increasing Russia’s desperation and need to take over this city. 

Although many expected Russia to have an easy victory against Ukraine, the complete opposite has occurred. Ukraine has proven over the last few months that they do not give up, they have shown resilience and determination to overcome the crisis they are facing. In fact, Ukraine has pushed Russia back causing them to lose territory, on both their northeastern and southern fronts. Also, Russia’s desperation in taking over Bakhmut has become a motivation for Ukraine, the city itself becoming a symbol. Recently President Volodymyr Zelensky stated,“If he will feel some blood — smell that we are weak — he will push, push, push” in a recent exclusive interview with The Associated Press.

Although Russia still has a high chance of taking over the city, the cost of this victory would be much higher than it is worth. They have already lost a large number of troops during these battles, and, not only that but a large portion of their equipment has also been lost. “Russian forces have been experiencing a number of setbacks in Ukraine, including shortages of fighters and equipment, despite some recent advancements” states Fatma Khaled.  

Ukraine would also face negative effects, they have also placed a lot of resources toward this fight, that they could have used elsewhere for example, in their economy and on the food that they supply, not only to their people, but food they also provide to other countries like the U.S. The costs of this fight are still unfolding, although most of the battles are taking place in eastern Ukraine the entire country of Ukraine is dealing with many difficulties and costs

The deaths caused by this war are alarming, The UN has confirmed that 8,006 civilian deaths, which include 487 children have been killed using heavy artillery shelling, missiles, and air strikes, and in Mariupol, a city in Ukraine 75,000 have died most likely due to the fighting. These are only the civilian casualties, the military casualties are also very alarming, even though the Ukrainian government is reluctant to release the information, in December they admitted that at least 13,000 soldiers have died. Some estimate that 100,000 are dead and injured. Also, around 3,500 Ukrainian soldiers are currently held as prisoners of war, with multiple sources reporting of torture and starvation.

Sadly, these are only some of the costs that Ukraine is facing, economically they are facing a sum of 137.8 billion, at replacement cost. Hospitals, Educational facilities, and thousands of homes destroyed during this war. These are only some of the damages, but the costs unfold with each day that this fight is ongoing. Ukraine is facing years of fighting against these conflicts, if a solution isn’t reached the costs may be unmendable. Hopefully assistance can be provided soon for them.

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