What to Eat and Avoid Before Fasting

By Sharon Azad

Because of Ramadan, many people are fasting and abstaining from food from sunrise to sunset. Now fasting has many health benefits, from losing weight and helping metabolism, but if not done correctly can lead to adverse effects. 

People should avoid oily and sugary foods before fasting as it could lead to weight gain and less metabolism. As stated by the Cleveland Clinic, “Refined carbs such as white flour, sugary snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages… are low in fiber and nutrients. [Refined carbs] also cause spikes in blood sugar levels and contribute to overeating and obesity.”. These foods can be very harmful before fasting. 

Another difficulty during Ramadan is what should be acceptable to drink before fasting to prevent dehydration. People should avoid drinking sugary and diuretic drinks such as energy drinks, coffee, and alcohol before fasting. The best option for everyone is to drink that beautiful H2O. 

Sugary and salty foods are #1 on the list of foods to avoid before fasting. Foods such as pastries, rice, and bread are high in carbs and lower people’s energy to get through the day of Ramadan. 

Before our fasts, whole grains, proteins, and vegetables are foods your body can get all its nutrients in one sitting. Vegetables are a good source of nutrients, but people should avoid fruits as they have naturally high sugars. Proteins such as milk, yogurt, and eggs are good protein sources to keep you active during the day. Whole grains are another fantastic source of nutrients. One of the best grains to eat is oats. 

Combining proteins, vegetables, and whole grains will leave you with a great meal full of nutrients. Meals like yogurt and oats, milk and whole grain cereal, scrambled eggs, and farro are good combinations. Most importantly, take what is needed for your body, as many people need different nutrients throughout the day, depending on body type and medical diagnoses. But the only person to trust about your health is yourself.

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