That 90’s Show: A Review

By Benjamin Suciu

According to, That ’70s Show is a comedy television show that first aired on cable television on August 23rd, 1998, on FOX channel. Coincidently, four months after I was born, I would watch reruns of this television show when I was in high school. I thought it was a decent and fun television program. Although That ’70s Show did have in my opinion some awkward moments. I kind of stopped watching that program because I started watching other television programs after high school. 

Then, I saw something last year that disappointed me and even kind of upset me. It was the trailer for That ’90s Show. My first thought after seeing the trailer was-and I mean this in the most sarcastic possible way- great another continuation of a series or franchise. I was upset because frankly I am personally tired of all the adaptations, reboots, and continuations of a franchise or series that seem prevalent in the contemporary film industry and tv industry. I was so upset that even when the tv series first aired on Netflix on January 19th, 2023, I refused to watch it. 

However, I felt a strange curiosity about this television series even though That 90’s show is a continuation of That ’70s Show I was kind of curious what would a tv series that takes place sixteen years after the events of That 70’s show be like. What happens to the characters Donna and Eric or Kelso or Jackie and Fez? If you never watched That ’70s Show, those characters are the main protagonists of That ’70s Show. So eventually, I gave in to my curiosity and I watched the whole first season of That ’90s Show. According to, That ’90s Show takes place in a small town called Point Place in the state of Wisconsin during the summer of 1995. 

Eric’s fourteen-year-old daughter Leia is visiting her grandparents for her summer vacation at Point Place Wisconsin. During this visit, she meets teens her own age and hangs out with them. I must say the sense of humor in this television series is very similar to the original That ’70s Show. That ’90s Show is even sometimes as awkward as That ’70s Show and is even sometimes silly and cheesy. In general, That 90’s show is fun and witty and full of nostalgic moments that I am sure a fewThat ’70s Show fans will appreciate. I will admit that you may not understand some of the jokes in That ’90s Show unless you have seen That ’70s Show. 

All in all, I genuinely enjoyed That ’90s Show and I highly recommend this series because it tries to bring back what people liked about That ’70s Show while trying to be fresh and a little different but in a positive way. I can assure you; I will watch the second season of That ’90s Show when it comes out on Netflix.

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