Martial Arts are Good for the Body and Mind

By Samantha Loriston

Martial arts have become desired for self-defense training and finding peace and harmony between a person’s thoughts and behaviors. A range of styles is supposed to enhance your inner passion through fluid-like movements such as T’ai Chi. Many individuals like myself get gratification from martial arts training. Although, many times, it gets tricky. 

 T’ai Chi is a flowing and stress-relieving activity that has evolved into an exercise, not fighting from the past. WebMD states the ancient tradition began for self-defense and physical, mental, and spiritual development. The three main ways to better your mental and physical strength are to keep your overall health in check. As mentioned, T’ai Chi flowing movements make it an ideal, low-impact exercise for the elderly. 

 Other varieties of styles are now within popular culture. There are harsh rules and a need for critical thinking. Others barely enforce qualifications. Many martial arts, such as T’ai Chi, put a great deal on breathing control, meditation, and mindfulness. WebMD links T’ai Chi to reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, along with being able to handle stress when it is present in young to middle-aged adults. 

T’ai Chi can help maintain focus while remaining calm and alert. It can help with multitasking that divides your attention. In addition to improving attention skills, martial arts are responsible for numerous benefits for your health. Those who experience depression can have several benefits from martial arts. Martial art releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins go into the brain and lift your mood to make us happier. 

 Someone with anger or mental health issues could gain the confidence they sought. Martial arts are a passage to redirecting their energy. Practicing martial arts gives you a second chance to live your life to the fullest. No matter your age, there are no restrictions on practicing this skill. Martial arts will bear down any negative thoughts. It will boost your level of self-assuredness and self-esteem. 

 Martial arts are a lifestyle. It gives people the physical benefits of flexibility and fast reflexes. Martial arts include the mental benefits of a higher sense of being, patience, speed, adaptability, and enlightenment. Everyone should practice martial arts because it is an excellent way to improve physical and mental health. 


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